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GabrielSchaeffe (0)

I'm making a bot for discord using python and every time I run my code, I get this error:

Answered by Coder100 (18185) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18185)

Did you edit the packager files? You aren't supposed to edit them.

delete them and try again.

GabrielSchaeffe (0)

@Coder100 No, I didn't edit them. I just ran my code and got this error

GabrielSchaeffe (0)

@Coder100 If I delete these folders, what will happen to my code? I'm a beginner in replit, so I don't understand much. Could you explain that to me?

GabrielSchaeffe (0)

@Coder100 Okay, I'm going to delete them now. I hope this solves my problem.