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Replit Code Evaluation


So I've had this issue on my package for about as long as it existed. I was looking back on it now and I have a few questions:

I noticed that there is Is there any way to access it or I remember being told it is a depreciated API but I don't believe that is the case anymore.

Are Crosis dev keys ever going to be distributed? Besides the fact that I always wanted to play with professionally use it, it is also a super nice way to add Code Evaluation to my package.

Lastly, I believe I saw a path query or something similar on a Replit Github Repo. I don't remember where, but I swear I saw it somewhere. Anyone have any details on it and how I might use it?

If you made it this far, thank you :)
~ Ray

Coder100 are both some endpoint for google cloud abstracted by crosis (citation needed).

Crosis and GraphQL are both going to change in the forseeing future, and yes they will be made public, but, by then some major changes will be made to the replit arch xd

Lastly, check out @jajoosam they made an extension that did utilize it, probably, maybe, citation needed.


1. kewl
2. Aww wait so I where do I get details on this?
3. hmmm, do you happen to know which Repl?


If you made it this far, thank you :)

you're welcome


@ch1ck3n lol, so do you know anything about replit code eval?


@RayhanADev nope

i could make a web server with eval but that's just too dangerous


@ch1ck3n ah well connecting to Replit evaluation servers means using the same thing Replit uses!


@RayhanADev lets look at the source code then