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Replit Bug

So I had this project that took months to make, and use to take around 95 MB of storage. One day, I went on, and all the other pages turned blank white. Now today, all of the pages show nothing, and now takes only around 10 MB of storage. What is happening, and how do I fix this glitch? (forking doesn't work)


Click on the file history button -

then browse what happened in the history -

Click on the change file link to change the file, which will generate the history of that file.

if you didn't find what happened, then it is a problem with ur code


@imnew12 I tried that, but it didn't work either


You can click the play/rewind button and try and get the pages back. THe pages aren't blank for me so maybe it's just on your side? However, I forked it and my version only takes up 7.2 mb. View the file history and see if something went wrong there.


@JakeHu2020 THe pages are blank because you are using sendFile instead of render. You aren't rendering the HTML template for them to see it, I THINK you're just sending it to them as a file.