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I was making an express server that downloads urls, and am going to make a function to search it for specific images. I was testing it, when my friend typed in a non-friendly site url to see if it would send over. Instead, all that sent was this:

ヾ(*ФωФ)βyё βyё☆彡

That's it. I tried looking it up, and all I found was if you go to it also shows this message. I am curious if there is a blacklist of sites repl will refuse to connect with, because I have not seen any mention of any restrictions like that. I am fine with it, even encourage it, just have never heard of it before.


if you have a bash repl and in the terminal type 'curl' , it will give you that machines public ip address. (their router address), but if you go there(paste it in the url field in your browser), it will also show that message " ヾ(*ФωФ)βyё βyё☆彡 ".


There is not a blacklist to my knowledge. But there is, in fact, a proxy which repls hide behind. But that shouldn't be the problem.