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ricklaven (1)

Does anyone know where the "share" button went in Repl. I have students working in Repl, and I want them to be able to share an assignment with me but not give me editing rights. It was there a month or 2 ago. Just wondering if there is a way to share without using the "invite" feature.


Answered by Bookie0 (6360) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6360)

So you want them to be able to share a link with you that of their repl, where you can't edit it?

Just press the URL and copy it, or type cmd-lctrl-l` and then copy it.

You'll be taken to the spotlight page where you can't edit, but can view and run their code. You can suggest an easier feature in feedback here.

Good luck! :D

JBloves27 (1904)

I think they mean that they want their students to edit, but it isn't letting them edit ;) @Bookie0

ricklaven (1)

Ok. Didn't know just copying the URL would do that. I will try that. Thx

Bookie0 (6360)

@JBloves27 Uh no they want the students to be able to share a link with them without the teacher being able to edit it.

JBloves27 (1904)

Oh, i suck my bad, thanks for correcting me :D @Bookie0

ricklaven (1)

Love this spotlight idea; exactly what I was looking for....thx much.

Bookie0 (6360)

no problem, glad this helps!

Mark as correct answer (if it helped :)? @ricklaven

InvisibleOne (3191)

the share button is gone for me as well, but you can still just go to the share space and then add a post from there.

AestraDev (0)

Hello there ricklaven well I don't remember replit share button 2 months ago but according to your question if you want to share or collaborate in another repls check the top right corner there will be an invite button like this image below and will help in inviting others also if you don't like to invite by using email just copy link at bottom and give to them you can regenerate link if you think its leaked thank-you

ricklaven (1)

Ok. Thanks. Here is a screenshot of what the share area used to look like. If people used the bottom, left "copy repl link" button, it would create a link that was viewable by someone else...but not editable. It seemed like the old share area had more features. Just wondering. Thanks for the feedback.

JBloves27 (1904)

This could be a replit bug, or something the replit dev's are working on. You might want to report to bugs/feedback However, this could be a new feature that replit has made, so I may be incorrect ;)
I hope this helps! @ricklaven