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Repl output with no code access
mrcoxall (4)

I am looking for a way to show the output terminal from a Repl, but students can NOT see my code.

It use to be possible with Repl.Run.
That has been shut down with this (, but the problem is students can still click the code button to see your code.

I want them to be able to interact with my program, so they know what I am looking for, but never be able to get to my code.


SixBeeps (5036)

You can use the outputonly flag to hide the code. Just stick ?outputonly=true at the end of the Repl URL to get into output-only mode.

They could just remove the flag to see the code, so unfortunately this won't give you the full privacy of, but this's as far as my knowledge spans.

19wintersp (1121)

This is currently impossible as far as I know. First of all, your repls are public (unless you have a paid plan which allows private repls) and so are visible on your profile and in their APIs. The second issue is that there is now no interactive, output-only system; having an anonymous, interactive endpoint led to a lot of abuse.

Note that you are able to access read-only logs at "https://<repl name>.<username>", however the repl is linked at "/__repl", and the repl's name is implied in the URL.