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Repl multiplayer
Prof_Baldi (1)

I took a look at multiplaying. a great idea and all, but if you start up a multiplayer collab, how do you end it?

Highwayman (1482)

Ok there.
So. If you make a repl and share it via link, then to kick em, all you have to do is reload the link and then click the x next to their name to remove them in the repl.

Prof_Baldi (1)

@Highwayman Okay. Thanks a lot. I had used an older version of repl, and I haven't used the website in a couple of months.

Highwayman (1482)

@Prof_Baldi yeah, it’s pretty shifty if you don’t check in a while.

Highwayman (1482)

You kick em’ or reload the link. I’ll show you, one sec, gotta take the pics.