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Repl Not Running
MilkshakeCoder (0)

Hi Replit Users,
I need some help, um, my program isnt running.

The Problem

If you can see this gif, the repl run button changed for a hot-second, then went back to the static run button. It did not move or run the program, even though a .replit file was provided with run instructions for running the program.

Please tell me what to fix.

MilkshakeCoder (0)

Heres an Update: Um, I deleted the repl and cloned from my existing git repo, still not working

CodingEssence (126)

So i forked your project and tried to find out your problem, but wasn't able to. Maybe it is just a glitch in replit, or it may be because of this reason:
There is no file.
And which file do you wish to run?

MilkshakeCoder (0)

my main file is called
but I specified that in the .replit file.

InvisibleOne (3208)

I might be wrong, but I believe the .replit file should be python3
Or you could just remove the .replit file, as replit runs be default

SixBeeps (5334)

What happens if you run the contents of the .replit run command directly in the Shell?

MilkshakeCoder (0)

it makes me install a bunch of packages
and doesn't save them, so I still cant run it. I also cant add packages from the packages tab.

OldWizard209 (1616)

try reloading the page, if that doesn't work, fork the repl and try it again.

MilkshakeCoder (0)

i think i will delete my repl make a new one again