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Repl DB and .JSON's Using Cached Data (py)
KeaganLandfried (36)

Hey guys, was wondering if I am correct in saing uses cached data instead of actual data from the database if you have a free version after your repl has been closed. I run a discord bot with uptime robot on repl and have been having troubles with it calling old data (most likely cached). I was also wondering if upgrading my account to the hacker version with always-on repls would solve this problem.


Coder100 (17045)

Nope, all the data is stored in an external redis database (citation needed).

In fact, replit doesn't actually remove any more restrictions than what the basic plan does. So you can use it however you want!

KeaganLandfried (36)

But when I was inactive on the repl it was calling database values from the night before.