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Repl Auth - Getting User's Projects
candies (430)

What im doing is making something that displays the projects of users. and you have the option to host it. Or increases its uptime by going to the page every 5 minutes or so.

I can code the boost feature, but I can't properly make a function that displays the user's projects.

I'm using the Python Authentication to make it simple. How can I do This? @coder100 @pyer @talkative

codingjlu (484)

Use a web scraper :) I made one to get the profile pictures:

codingjlu (484)

@candies I'll probably just make an API to easily get a user's PFP and Repls and posts and the such. Just wait for a day or two and I'll ping you if you want.

codingjlu (484)

@candies check this repl for updates sorry for so many pings lol

candies (430)

@codingjlu pings are special to me. Also cycles. You know what I'm thinking.. ;).. ^

codingjlu (484)

@candies lol okay; so you're fine? sometimes I go to replit and there are like 30 something pings and I'm like ugh

candies (430)

@codingjlu yep, i feel special yknow.

codingjlu (484)

@candies k anyway I'll ping you once I'm done.

ch1ck3n (2388)
  1. dont ping people in questinos and go to the repls thing. you'll then find the latest repls they made. not the entire list but whatever

KevinStark8 (0)

The primary goal of this module's development is to provide all user-related functionality. This user module is a critical component of the project's user management system, which was built in Python.

Coder100 (18930)

You are recommended to use graphql, maybe check out