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Repl 404 mystery
Andy_4sberg (50) 404 mystery

I was trying to go to the 404 error page on (don't ask why), and I assumed this URL would do it, but it asks if I want to fork a repl that doesn't have an owner... Does anyone know why? I honestly have no idea what it is, but here's the code in the repl:

print("i can think")

Just "" as a URL...


they probably just had a bug. But it's fixed now.

AloegelhiPlaysR (104)

This is the same with !!

Code there:

numbers=[3,5,7,2, 11]
min = numbers[4]
max = numbers[1]
for x in numbers:
    if min > x:
        min = x
for y in numbers:
    if max < y:
        max = y
print(min * max)
k9chelsea2 (785)

Thats probably due to the fact that theres a repl called 404, im assuomg that<randomthing> leads to a repl idk try going to