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Reading Console Input using Node.js
vedprad1 (906)

Reading Console Input using Node.js

Is it possible to take in Console Input using Node.js? My way is not working.
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Answered by Pythonier (315) [earned 5 cycles]
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Pythonier (315)

It is possible, I don't code Node.js but I found this from

const readline = require('readline').createInterface({
  input: process.stdin,
  output: process.stdout

readline.question(`What's your name?`, (name) => {
  console.log(`Hi ${name}!`)

Hope that helps!

vedprad1 (906)

@Pythonier : That's exactly what I have! However, it just displays the question and skips the input and the action after the input.

Pythonier (315)

@vedprad1 Weird, try requiring readline-sync instead. ex:

const readline = require("readline-sync");
var name = readline.question("What is your name? ");
Pythonier (315)

@vedprad1 Is this what you are looking for:

var rl = require('readline-sync');
rl.question("What do you think of node.js? ")
console.log("Thank you for your valuable feedback.");
vedprad1 (906)

@Pythonier : This seems to work! Thanks!

Pythonier (315)


If that was helpful can you please mark my comment as the answer.

DCha0tiC (0)

I know it's an old thread, but maybe you can use :

let answerText = prompt("Your question goes here");
let answerBool = confirm("Yes/No question goes here);"

It works nice with Repl console.

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