How to make an OS

So I am interested in making my own os, though I cannot figure out how, I currently have two questions, What language should I use for OS development, and any good tutorials that I can read?

I know @CSharpIsGud made a really good os, can you give me some stuff on how you learned that?

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Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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C++ is the next most "similar" language. But there isn't really any language that is "similar" to C. C is kind of a "one of a kind" language.
It's been around forever.

But, if I were to tell you a language that is roughly similar to C, I would say C++.

But most languages supports classes, high-level functionality etc meanwhile C doesn't and C is kind of the main entry point of that.
C++ was even written in C at one point(kind of trans-compiled I guess you could say). So many things(languages) used today kinda originated out of C..
I am getting too much into detail, but the most "similar" langue has to be C++..I don't see any other language being "similar" to C..