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How to open terminal in Python ?


Hi guys. I couldn't figure out how to open terminal on python. Is there any shortcuts or button for this ?

3 years ago
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to get a terminal on your chromebook, you need to go to settings, on the left hand side click linux beta, and then turn on linux for chromebook. I have done this before and all this does is it adds a terminal to your chromebook. The terminal is very different to mac and windows so you would probably need to learn a few commands.

If you want to install an IDLE or text editor on your chromebook, you need to enter developer mode. This is fairly simple. First of all, you need to be aware that if you enter developer mode, all you files will be cleared. Your google drive will be ok, but your downloads folder and other folders on your chromebook will be cleared. Back up these files, and then press the following keys at the same time: esc + refresh + power on. The esc key is the key on the top left corner of the screen, the refresh key is usually the 4th key on the top row of keys, and the power on button is usually on the top right hand corner or on the side of the chromebook. Hold these keys down for 1 second and then let go. The next step might freak you out, but all is ok. A screen will appear that will tell you that Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Press ctrl + D and then a new screen will appear asking you if you want to OS verification off. Press enter. Now you are in developer mode and you can download apps such as VSCode and Sublime Text.

Good luck.

2 years ago