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[REPOST] Trying to find a website template!
Squirrel777 (138)

So I have made a website and it looks REALLY BAD because I made it. So I was looking for a certain website template that looks like this with a smooth theme:

And I was wondering if anybody knew what it was called! So can someone tell me the name and possibly leave a few links?

Similar examples:
CoolCoderSJ's minimalist


i dont use templates but you can look at @TimothyRowell hes really good at websites and me and him are working on something at the moment so you shpould check that out

ch1ck3n (1630)

@JULIODIAZ1 timothy makes other people make the websites


me and him will be working in that buisness together, would yo like awebsite made, im not looking for alot of money it starts at $20 and well bargain from there im not looking for alot of money just enough for me to get stuff i want. if you dont want a site made then i dont know how i can help you @ch1ck3n

ch1ck3n (1630)

@JULIODIAZ1 sorry but i don't want to pay another rando to make a website for me when I can already make one

(not flexing or bragging but I am a Harvard certified dev)


alr i see where u coming from