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REPL has gotten laggier since the x5 boost feature...
RishabhRanjit (20)

Sorry if this is in the wrong place...

Recently, repl introduced x5 boosts.

This was a great idea, but it is also causing massive lag on REPL.

This can be a major problem as 50 line python scripts can cause extreme lag.

THIS IS TRUE: I've had a python repl open for 15 minutes and it is not running (53 lines).

This is annoying and really unfair to everyone without the hacker plan.

Can you fix this repl?


Answered by Bookie0 (6299) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6299)

Um so play I haven’t been affect by it, and 50 lines of Python code shouldn’t really cause a problem normally lol. This isn’t really the place to say it, so you can report it to bugs here if you feel like it’s a big or to feedback here so the team can have a look at it. Alternatively, if it’s a serious problem, you can try to email them at [email protected]; they usually reply working a few business days.

Good luck! :D

RishabhRanjit (20)

@Bookie0 Thanks man!

I was an idiot, it was a never ending while loop, but the boost is affected some things too.

Have a good day!

Bookie0 (6299)

@RishabhRanjit Haha, no problem! Glad I could help! :D

Have great day too! ;)

Bunnytoes (158)

@Bookie0 I hope this isn't annoying but I need some help with my c# code. I can't figure out why it's not working

Bookie0 (6299)

@Bunnytoes Lol sorry I don't know C#, but it seems like you found an answer :)