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REPL Not Waking Up
TeslaRevamped1 (0)

My REPL wont wake up despite running fine with 0 errors and everything being how it should be

Saml2020 (51)

Does the repl show running?
Does the bot come online?

TeslaRevamped1 (0)

any way you can screenshot the whole error so i can figure out where it is and fix it? there is no error on my side, could be whats causing it

TeslaRevamped1 (0)

... thats when you fork the repl. i have an ENV which contains the token and allows it to run fine. so yes still my code has zero errors to my knowledge

ch1ck3n (2035)

@TeslaRevamped1 i swear im not forking it

TeslaRevamped1 (0)

@ch1ck3n again, an issue with token you wouldnt have access to the env. although repl should it doesnt let me see if theres anything in settings to help with that