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So, I did a series over BMP image rendering. I was wondering, however, if I should continue the series of rendering a BMP image and take it a step further with rendering a string value into the image for the image to primarily "hide", and then have a sub-series of "decoding" the image in a language like Rust or Go?

This way, not only do we get our hands dirty with BMP image rendering, but it builds on top of your current skills of BMP image rendering and gets you a little hands on in Go or Rust!

I might do BOTH languages if that is what you guys want.

I told you guys in my last tutorial over BMP image rendering I'd do a tutorial over reading a BMP file format etc, but I kinda wanna append that. I have been very indecisive over whether or not I should do a second series over "Creating a security application via Rendering BMP Images".

What do you guys think? The series will go over:

  • Rendering a BMP image with a value "hidden" in it
  • How to "decode" that value in Go or Rust(or both!)
  • How to read the format of the raw-code of the rendered BMP image
  • How to "decode" the raw data via the languages Rust or Go(or both).

And some other things that you might find interesting as well!

What do you think. Should I do this?


i am looking forward to something in rust!


I mean nobody is stopping you from doing a series

usually people do something like this:

  • make the first part of the series
  • see user reactions
  • continue if satisfied with the reactions