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Question regarding the Hacker plan
SPQR (592)

Does anyone know what would happen to my repls of considerable size when my Hacker plan expires? I plan on renewing it when it does, but I'm a bit concerned as to what the fate of the large repls that exceed the size limit of the free plan will be.

Answered by timmy_i_chen (1180) [earned 5 cycles]
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heyitsmarcus (350)

I, too, am on the hacker plan, and as far as I know, this shouldn't affect your repls except that if you let your hacker plan expire, the repls marked as private may be marked as public. But, that is not confirmed and is only my own speculation.

@hayaodeh can you comment on this?

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@heyitsmarcus private repls will remain private, and @SPQR file sizes will still be fine. 🙃

hayaodeh (199)

@heyitsmarcus thanks for tagging me on this, it's exactly what @timmy_i_chen said 👍🏼

SushantShah (3)

@heyitsmarcus My Repl Plan Just Expired. I Noticed That The Repls Stay Private Even After Expiration. But When You Will Try To Open A Private Repl, It Will Say "You are trying to access a private repl but your Hacker plan has expired." And Ask You To Upgrade Or Make Public

Rhysdig (2)

copy/paste your code into a word document, just in case

Nefomemes (5)

@Rhysdig Import it to a Git repository, duh.


I also have a question about the hacker plan, I got a voucher for 3 months, and I dont plan to keep it, but when the day comes, can I just cancel it?


Or maybe just give me the code XD @Thecrowbar1234