What language?
mkhoi (318)

If you have to stick with 1 programming language forever for everything that you write... What would it be?

Ps: also remember about what language your career needs, your personal favorites... too

And apparently Python and JS are the most popular choices

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a5rocks (821)

Python has all the features I need (thus far).

And this might be cheating, but Cython allows you to use C in Python too (if i remember correctly).

mkhoi (318)

@Game_Collabs Are there any more python-something hybrid because Cython and Jython seems cool 😎

a5rocks (821)

@Game_Collabs Oh yeah, and how could I forget Rust + Python interoperability.

Game_Collabs (15)

@mkhoi I don't know. Will keep an eye out for more!