Is python worth learning?

I'm not interested, at the moment, in web languages like javascript html css and so on. And I do know python is used on websites like youtube for example. But for someone like me that's more into OOP. I code in c++ but I started off learning python and eventually dropped it once I realized how it just isn't what I'm looking for. Basically, for someone like me that likes more of a computer programming side of things and not web is python useful for that? Or is python just useful to know on off hand scenarios? And when I say I started off learning python. I didn't get very far and I only learned it for pygame. Hope this question wasn't too confusing.

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Answered by PaoloAmoroso [earned 5 cycles]
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Python can be useful if you have the right project. For example, say you want to sort some things.


@ArmedWithStew yeah, in general: math, science, and interacting with a bit of data, but not too much data