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Python Team
LilWolfy (59)

Hello, fellow Repl-users!

I've been inactive for about 4 months, and want to learn again.

I will be creating a new team, with 4 slots.


  • Python user
  • Done Python before

We will end our team at the end of August.

Let me know if you want to join in the comments!

InvisibleOne (3224)

What are we doing in the team?

LilWolfy (59)

@InvisibleOne We will be making different projects, such as games. We might even try some new languages together!

FloCal35 (671)

1) What’s the difficulty level
2) When will it start, I’ll be unavailable for a few weeks

LilWolfy (59)

@FloCal35 As soon as 4 people join the team. The difficulty is advanced beginner.

FloCal35 (671)

Hmm @LilWolfy, I would but imma be gone for like 5 weeks… if you still need people by then sure

LilWolfy (59)

@FloCal35 Of course! I will keep a slot open for you. :)