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Python Speech Recognition!!!

Please, how can I create a speech recognition bot using python in I need help to do this so can you help me. I will post my speech recognition bot on repl talk so you can see it. Please help!

By Downey
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Answered by SixBeeps (5347) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5347)

That will require an AI alongside microphone input. It looks like this library already achieved that, so just import the package, and you're good to go.

kurrycat2004 (12)

@niorg2606 i think it wont work in a repl because of the library not knowing what microphone to use. Maybe it will if its implemented in a website.

SixBeeps (5347)

@kurrycat2004 If that's the case, then you might not be able to do microphone + speech recognition on here, and you'll have to work locally instead. Because repls written on are ran on a server and not your local machine, it will only grab hardware attached to the server, thus making it impossible to use your microphone.

kurrycat2004 (12)

@niorg2606 as i said it might work, if u use flask or something to create the website and then use the microphone of ur local machine on that website