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Python Online Database
LoneAce (221)

Is there any Python online database that you can import into repl that is secure? Say that I put the database server in a repl and the client in another, this is a problem as someone using the link to the database can also get the information I rather keep private, even after using .env files. @Scoder12 and @pyelias told me that you can use flask's built-in database to store it, but doesn't it face the same problem? Anyone who makes a repl an links it to the server can still get the data can he? Please tell me any online database that is secure and can be used for python. Thanks!

P.S Sorry for the long string of questions

Answered by Zavexeon (1167) [earned 5 cycles]
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Zavexeon (1167)

You could create an HTTP database that only responds to whitelisted IPs.

It could be hosted on, just have the contents in it encrypted and keep the key in a .env.

LoneAce (221)

@Zavexeon Does this work if I were to make a python game with an online database and post it to Talk? That is my main objective by the way (forgot to say)

Zavexeon (1167)

@LoneAce Yep, only you'd be able to see the .env.

LoneAce (221)

@Zavexeon Ok but if I were to put a key in the .env and use the key for an operation in the code will it still be able to run on other users' accounts?