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Python IDE
Sam0707computer (0)

Hello, I am a Python intermediate now, and I do not know which ide to use, so I am posting it. What should I do?

Sam0707computer (0)

Every one! Thank you!

Sam0707computer (0)

But vscode The auto-completion function is not good.
What should I do?

IMayBeMe (456)

Honestly if you don’t want to use repl as your main ide, I would recommend vscode hands down. It’s has an amazing design and is overall just really easy use with great features.

VulcanWM (2758)

I personally use Replit for everything but if you don’t want anyone to see your code and can’t afford hacker plan then you should use Pycharm or Vscode

InvisibleOne (2934)

Vscode is really good, I use Thonny which is decent, not super fancy or anything but it pretty much always works. Replit is great. Or you can just write the code into any .py file with any text editor and run it in the console.

Coder100 (18071)

Use vscode, it is very easy to use and supports many languages like python! Also, install python on your system too.
Or stick to replit ❤️

JBloves27 (1878)

To be honest, this is all your preference, sometimes an ide might be useful to you, but then again, it might be horrible for others.
It's really your preference, but I would suggest PyCharm or Replit.

Hope this helps!

Sam0707computer (0)

Every one!
So, should I use vscode here? Or should I use Pycharm? (A bit tricky?;;)

JBloves27 (1878)

Your choice, but PyCharm is used for only python mostly, and VScode is used for multi. So if you're planning on coding in other languages as well, you should stick to VScode @Sam0707computer