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Python GUI
dylanharding33 (15)

is there a python GUI that works in repl?

ash15khng (723)

I think (from memory, may be wrong) @timmy_i_chen (whoops sorry for the ping) actually mentioned in a comment that they are going to try and start supporting Tkinter and pygame, you should check.

mat1 (4456)

You can do what @21natzil suggested, or you can use Python Turtle
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You can use the built in library, Ttinker.

replitcode (149)

@BOBMEISTER it doesn't work in actually... neither does pygame!

amasad (3541)

@replitcode we're looking at ways we can fix it. Hopefully starting this winter

21natzil (1209)

Remi is a library that acts like a GUI, and has similar syntax. However, it makes a website that have the GUI on it, instead of opening a window. This works great with! I should note, despite what the repository says, it doesn't work on firefox, however it's perfectly fine with chrome.

amasad (3541)

@21natzil Can you please open an issue on Github? The author is really helpful and he will fix it.

@dylanharding33 Check out the TicTacToe app we built with REMI

DavideRosa (30)

Hello @21natzil , I can help you. Which problem you got on Firefox?

21natzil (1209)

@DavideRosa I'll get to you later today, I'm not with my computer at the moment. However I do remember there being some issue with websockets when i checked the console.

DavideRosa (30)

@21natzil I see the problem. I will investigate and solve it soon. Thank you for reporting.

DavideRosa (30)

Hello @amasad I made some tests and unfortunately I'm unable to solve this. Maybe you can help?
The problem seems to be related with websocket, under ssl.
All goes fine if we run a python script with remi gui without ssl on (I used an hosted example you shown me in the past).
Under ssl instead, the websocket server is not reachable by Firefox. And the connection request terminates with a timeout.

Could it be related with some proxy inbetween?

amasad (3541)

@DavideRosa I'll take a look soon.

In the meantime maybe @basicer or @turbio can take a look.

DavideRosa (30)

@amasad ok thank you. please keep me informed if there are news. ;-)

DavideRosa (30)

@amasad I looked at http headers coming from Firefox. It seems that there isn't an "Upgrade: websocket" value (and this is the main cause of the remi malfunction).

It seems that Firefox send the right header, but for an unknown reason, an incomplete header arrives to the server. Do you know about any possible cause? again, maybe, the proxy in between?