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Python Arcade library
mrcoxall (4)

I am trying to get Python Arcade ( working on Replit.

I started with a PyGame Replit and then added in the Arcade library.
python = "^3.8,<3.9"
pygame = "^2.0.1"
arcade = "2.5.6"

I am getting an "arcade.application.NoOpenGLException: Unable to create an OpenGL 3.3+ context. Check to make sure your system supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher." error.

I have read in other places that Replit does support OpenGL, so I am wondering if anyone has Python Arcade working on Replit?

Coder100 (18101)

try pygame language instead

if that doesn't work, maybe try pygame altogether?

mrcoxall (4)

I have tried pygame and arcade as well and want to get arcade working on Replit. I tried using a pygame Repl and then ading in arcade package. The problem is it is not working.