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Pygame not working

I'm trying to run a pygame project but it isn't running at all. I've waited at least five minutes.
The console has this message and the window just says "run your repl to see output", then refreshes to a black screen and shows it again, despite the run button saying stop indicating that the program is running.


You just have to wait for a while-that worked for me. If it doesn't, tell me and I'll try and help more


this is running perfectly on my pc the problem is 1. it might be your pc is very very slow.2. You are pressing run multiple times.
Now the solutions of this problems are
1. if u have a slow pc
S. The solution is to downgrade the version of the os if u are in mac pls upgrade/downgrade depends on the os u have to macos catalina and if u have windows 10/8 downgrade to windows 7 and if u are on windows 7 it might work if u upgrade to windows 10 psitively not on(Windows 8)
2. The second problem was u are pressing run multiple times rather press it only one time and wait for the time it takes to process the whole code as python is a little slow language but ur code is also small zt the same time so just try it
3. And I just remembered another issue sometimes due to the new update breaks sometimes
So what u can do is start using IDEs like VSCode/Pycharm
Ok theese solutions ma solve your problem.


Doesn't work for me. @Sreshthangsu


oh now it does @Executec


@Sreshthangsu I don't think downgrading his OS is gonna fix it, because Replit is ran online.


Click run once, then press it again when it says "Run" again @EGGSistence


ALso click the check next to the comment if this was useful


@IndyCarter I'm not sure how that works because it says run again when the program is running so if I just press it again it stops the program. If I run it after the program stops the same issue occurs.