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Put Image In the Console
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Is there a way to put an image into the console? Thanks. Language:

Answered by Highwayman [earned 5 cycles]
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You can’t put it in the console, but supports plenty of graphics libraries that can display the image like PyGame.

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Yes you can.
Place this into

from PIL import Image ASCII_CHARS = ['.',',',':',';','+','*','?','%','S','#','@'] ASCII_CHARS = ASCII_CHARS[::-1] ''' method resize(): - takes as parameters the image, and the final width - resizes the image into the final width while maintaining aspect ratio ''' def resize(image, new_width=100): (old_width, old_height) = image.size aspect_ratio = float(old_height)/float(old_width) new_height = int(aspect_ratio * new_width) new_dim = (new_width, new_height) new_image = image.resize(new_dim) return new_image ''' method grayscalify(): - takes an image as a parameter - returns the grayscale version of image ''' def grayscalify(image): return image.convert('L') ''' method modify(): - replaces every pixel with a character whose intensity is similar ''' def modify(image, buckets=25): initial_pixels = list(image.getdata()) new_pixels = [ASCII_CHARS[pixel_value//buckets] for pixel_value in initial_pixels] return ''.join(new_pixels) ''' method do(): - does all the work by calling all the above functions ''' def do(image, new_width=100): image = resize(image) image = grayscalify(image) pixels = modify(image) len_pixels = len(pixels) # Construct the image from the character list new_image = [pixels[index:index+new_width] for index in range(0, len_pixels, new_width)] return '\n'.join(new_image) ''' method runner(): - takes as parameter the image path and runs the above code - handles exceptions as well - provides alternative output options ''' def runner(path): image = None try: image = except Exception: print("Unable to find image in",path) #print(e) return image = do(image) # To print on console return image.split('\n') # Else, to write into a file # Note: This text file will be created by default under # the same directory as this python file, # NOT in the directory from where the image is pulled. #f = open('img.txt','w') #f.write(image) #f.close() ''' method main(): - reads input from console - profit ''' if __name__ == '__main__': import sys import urllib.request if sys.argv[1].startswith('http://') or sys.argv[1].startswith('https://'): urllib.request.urlretrieve(sys.argv[1], "asciify.jpg") path = "asciify.jpg" else: path = sys.argv[1] runner(path)

(I stole this from github)
and use it with runner("image.png")

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what is the github link?

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no, you could use ascii art though