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NoahsArk (3)

If I have public repls, does that mean people can access to view the code/private files (.env)?

Bookie0 (6248)

hi there!

people can view all your repls (except the .env files: but they can't edit any of your code. You can also have private repls (no one can even view it) if you get the hacker plan.

InvisibleOne (2931)

No, other users can't view .env files.

Galoogle (0)

no, they can't edit them, only view them or fork them. just another reason to get hacker plan.

that's advertising for ya!

PattanAhmed (1404)

@NoahsArk Hi,
Don't worry...
Public People can see every bit of code in every line of code but except one thing...
That is:-
.env files

Reference:- Click here

That's it.

Hope this helps

Coder100 (18057)

.env files are hidden always no matter what.
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SixBeeps (5225)

they can view everything except the .env file.