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Projxon Login: Help Wanted
hg0428 (192)

Projxon Login

This is a project that will link to many of my other projects under Projxon.
It is a login system using custom built methods designed with security using nothing external.


I want this to be a project you feel like to have freedom in and some say on. I am happy to receive new ideas and help.


1️⃣. You must be good with some part of the site such as login, backend, front-end, or styling


Python: Backend
HTML: Frontend display
CSS: Frontend styling
JS: Frontend scripting

alanchen12 (28)

im only good at backend javascript aka nodejs

hg0428 (192)

If you want to help I’m sure we can work something out maybe front end JS or [email protected]

RhinoRunner (835)

What framework are you using? Flask?

hg0428 (192)

Yes, but will later transition when my replacement framework is done.

RhinoRunner (835)

@hg0428 What will you transition to? Also, what even is this for? A website?

hg0428 (192)

It’s for all my projects and anyone else who wants to use Sign In with Projxon. We are trying to make it high security for people who want something they can trust. Once finished I plan to move it off replit for higher storage and even more [email protected]

hg0428 (192)

It will also become the main system used for my video game I am about to start on. And for Search The World. If you have a project that needs a login system you can trust, you can help us and that way you can know that it is actually [email protected]