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Project ideas - Beginner to intermediate
xfinnbar (149)

Please send some more project ideas in the comments.

  • Online live chat. Great because you learn websockets and a backend web development framework, such as Flask or Express.
  • Advanced blog with authentication and a post system. Good for learning a database such as MongoDB and familiarizing yourself with cookies, sessions and possibly OAuth.
  • Minecraft mod. Great for learning C++, Java, MoLang or JavaScript+JSON.
  • Game using PyGame. Great for getting really good at Python and understanding game development.
DynamicSquid (5027)

Try making your own programming language. Great for understanding how languages work

CodeMaster007 (113)

How about a magic 8th ball?

CosmicBear (56)

cloud storage system.

Coder100 (18925)

how about
tic tac toe



idea generator

dice roller



IMayBeMe (548)

Try out some logic based problems on project Euler.