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When did you first start learning programming/computing? Did you have anybody help you or was it mostly self-taught?


I started learning my first programming language when I was given a task to write my assignment for programming fundamentals-1. At that time, I hired a british assignment writer to complete my task on time because I was unaware of it at that time but after that assignment, I motivated myself to learn python language as my career language and today I am an expert in it. Hire best assignment writer here:


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I started learning in 2016 at UK essay writing services and still learning in 2022 and will be kept on learning as this process should not be stopped, Once you get stopped. You will be nowhere in this world. So keep on learning


I started learning in 2014 and still learning in 2022 and will be kept on learning as this process should not be stopped, Once you get stopped. You will be nowhere in this world. So keep on learning..


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I do not believe that anyone can teach you. If you have a big goal, then with the help of the Internet and practice, you can learn everything yourself. Of course, I must say that if you have a mentor who can suggest something, it will be great. But the mentor should not teach you, he should only prompt and help out in difficult situations. This is how I was able to create a platform bestpornstory - yes, it was difficult and it took a lot of effort to create, and even more effort goes into maintaining the work platforms. But I decided not to waste time learning and then create something. I decided to immediately learn and apply knowledge in practice.


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I have been heavily programming since the age of 12, and have been a professional developer since the age of 18. In that time I've got my hands on anything from Perl to python to Lua, but personally prefer languages like Go, Rust and Julia for their concurrency capabilities. For me personally computer science was one of those professions where it came before passion, rather than the other way around - but nowadays it's growing-on me! and this is the reason why I opt the Writing services UK for my help in many of my academic essays and assignments because they always provide the best content with very relevant and authentic references at very reasonable cost. Highly Recommended!!


Programming is the future. In the modern world, everything is being programmed. The robots which are going to replace humans in the workplace shortly are also working on the basis of programming. The Neuralink is programming to know about the thoughts of the human brain. All this innovation tells us that the future lies in learning programming. essay writing services


my first programming experience in my college when i was i 1st year and c language introduce i was fun with arrays and function and lots of puzzle solving tricks was really fun for me


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Programming is not easy at all. I got help from when my teachers gave me an assignment on progarmming now I am learning so I can provide help to others


I was motivated from an online marketing classes and the importance of learning programming language! I have implemented my knowledge at this site and help people with random video chat facilities around the world!


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