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Problem with Exporting Files
JosephHaws1 (2)

So I'm trying to get a django project started on github, but I can't use a text editor because my computer happens to be a chromebook moderated by my school. Since I couldn't use the shell on github without a text editor (or at least, to my knowledge), I decided to use replit to create the required files such as, download the files as a .zip file, and import it to github to get started.

tl;dr, it didn't work

When I download the files into a .zip file, it only downloads the file (which has nothing). Everything else that's in the folder doesn't download at all.
Can I not download any folders or the files in them? Or am I just doing something wrong? If I can't download the files, is there a way I could somehow use the shell on github without an external text editor?
If there is a way for me to use the shell in github without a text editor, please give me details on how. Thanks in advance for answering.

Answered by Andy_4sberg (50) [earned 5 cycles]
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Andy_4sberg (50)

My tutorial might help to download the zip file. This article might help with the GitHub console (just use replit shell)

JosephHaws1 (2)

@Andy_4sberg Thanks! Although I had to take some of the files out of their folders, this helped a lot.