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Print or len?

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I am a beginner to Python; I know absolutely nothing. I'm exposing myself to a free course in order to see if coding is something I want to pursue.

I was give tasks and a final assignment and something doesn't seem to be adding up.

The assignment states:

Create a new repl session called In it, print a sentence of your choosing. Then, print the length of that sentence. Do this 3 more times. Next, print the only two boolean values that exist. Lastly, print the integer 54321, and then print its Python type.

I started by completing the first task: print a sentence of your choosing.

print ("I will learn Python!")

it formulated as it should ;)

Next it asked me: Then, print the length of that sentence.
( I'm assuming it's asking for me to use the "len" function) so I went ahead and did .....

len("I will learn Python!")

But when hitting "run" nothing happened. It didn't tell me how long the string is.

What am I doing wrong???? HELP!!!!!!


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You need to store the length of your sentence in a variable e.g. sentence_length = len("I will learn Python!"), then print the length using print e.g. print("The length of the sentence is", sentence_length).

You can print the type of a variable using the type function, like so:

age = 17 name = "Joe Bloggs" print("Here are the types", "age", type(age), "name", type(name))
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