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Posting app using replit DB and nodejs

@ruiwenge2 pls help buddy, I've been asking you this since 3 days! sorry for the mass ping but you are not responding neither helping me :(

So yeah, u not ruiwenge, nvm, but how to create a posting app using nodejs and replit database. PLS GUYS. at least, IT SHUD post TEXT

I will give you credits if my project will be successful

  1. did you even attempt any code please send a repl
  2. you can use app.use(express.urlencoded({ extended: false })) to first create a form handler (assuming you are using express)
  3. make a route '/post' where you would post your form data, e.g.
  1. use ejs or some other templating engine to display the text!

@Coder100 hey. I did all this stuff~
I'm kinda ok with nodejs but my biggest enemy is repl DB


@Coder100 I barely even created auth after days of hard work
is this code good? and yes, I even messed up a lot to create some posting stuff but failed, so I deleted code