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Masy (33)

Does anyone know about Polygott and could teach me how it works

Masy (33)
SPQR (588)

Polygott, to the extent of my knowledge, is an experimental language which allows languages to use binaries from other languages thus allowing for interaction between scripts from multiple languages. It uses Makefile syntax (basically modified Bash) and can do all sorts of useful things like compile external libraries from source, add additional compilation options, etc. Its most useful (imo) feature is that it can install ubuntu packages using install-pkg PACKAGENAME which opens up a ton of possibilities for porting things and such, or for utilizing libraries not available in native

Some example programs utilizing Polygott for various purposes:

This port of Doom 1
This SDL program (SDL is normally not usable on

If you have any more questions @ me :)

Masy (33)

@SPQR so in theory you could run a instance of team viewer on a polygott makefile?

SPQR (588)

@Masy if it runs on ubuntu Linux, in theory, yes

programmeruser (571)

@SPQR how do you use it to port stuff? All I know is

.PHONY: run


Sorry for necroposting.

SPQR (588)

@TheProgrammer3 That is a year old comment, jeez!
basically you port it by typing in the bash commands one would use to install and run the program you're porting in an Ubuntu terminal.

CrazyVideoGamez (7)

@SPQR When I run: "undefined reference to `IMG_Load'

programmeruser (571)

@SPQR sorry for the necropost again, but polygott IS NOT just a Makefile. Polygott is's evaluation Docker image. You can find its source code at If you open a new polygott repl, you will see run-project under the run target. This is a special command that tries to guess the language type and runs the project. It is NOT just a makefile (again). The reason polygott uses a makefile is because polygott just automatically invokes make if other languages don't work. @Masy I know it has been 2 years, but can you mark one of these comments as correct?

Zavexeon (1158)

@SPQR may be able to help.

nupurkrishnan (0)

#how do you get Polygott?
Do you say import polygott?