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Polygott Docker images error in kubernetes ?

Polygott Docker Image - replco/polygott:c82c08a720ba1fd537d4fba17eed883ab87c0fd7
Docker image link -
Whenever we deploy the yaml file using this docker image showing this error :

gcstest 0/1 CrashLoopBackOff 10 56m

detail error :

Type Reason Age From Message

Normal Scheduled 48m default-scheduler Successfully assigned default/gcstest to gke-cluster-2-default-pool-cc1f421b-0k6g
Normal Pulling 48m kubelet Pulling image "replco/polygott:c82c08a720ba1fd537d4fba17eed883ab87c0fd7"
Normal Pulled 18m kubelet Successfully pulled image "replco/polygott:c82c08a720ba1fd537d4fba17eed883ab87c0fd7" in 29m58.832592007s
Normal Created 17m (x5 over 18m) kubelet Created container gcstest
Normal Started 17m (x5 over 18m) kubelet Started container gcstest
Normal Pulled 17m (x4 over 18m) kubelet Container image "replco/polygott:c82c08a720ba1fd537d4fba17eed883ab87c0fd7" already present on machine
Warning BackOff 3m45s (x71 over 18m) kubelet Back-off restarting failed container


Polygott isn’t really meant for external usage, can I ask why you’re using it on k8s as opposed to, say, Ubuntu LTS?


@RoBlockHead What did you meant for external usage can you explain.


@prakashraj10 polygott is only meant to be used by replit, there isn't support for anyone trying to use it outside of replit.


@RoBlockHead but it is open source right? anyone can use but replit doesn't support them am i correct?