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Please add Haxe & HaxeFlixel on
DerpChest (0)

the title says it all. I want the Haxe Programming language and HaxeFlixel which is a 2D game engine on top of Haxe, Flixel, and openfl. i would really like them to be added.

xfinnbar (22)

Create a bash repl and download those languages' compilers/interpreters, upload them, and write a bash script to compile or run your file.

DerpChest (0)

How the heck I’m I supposed to do that? That freaking sounds like a science experiment @xfinnbar

xfinnbar (22)

@DerpChest Download the haxe binary for Linux. Upload it to a bash repl. Create a .sh file and enter the command used to run a haxe script, replacing haxe with the path to the binary.

SilvermoonCat (429)

Just give feedback to replit ig go press + and add whatever you need

ch1ck3n (1622)

also is this what you're looking for?