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Ping Problems.
QuickV (197)

Anyone else

Having ping problems on replit?

People have been pinging me, and I've been pinging them a few times but nobody has replied .-.

An Example:

@ch1ck3n made his post about ckncoin

and pinged me in the description.


When I check my notifs:

Nothing, no pings.

You can see "2 Days Ago" at the top and "4 Days Ago" At the bottom, just in case you guys didn't notice, there's nothing in the "3 Days" area about @ch1ck3n's post.

This happening to anyone else?

The reason I pinged you @ch1ck3n multiple times is because I wanted to see if you receive the notifs. If you do, then please tell me ;-;.

ch1ck3n (2866)

hi why you did the pingus amongus

QuickV (197)


Also did you find this post because of the pings or because of luck xd.


QuickV (197)

yay, that means pings might work! Ping me on a random project of urs.


ruiwenge2 (1810)

yes, it’s happened to me a few times recently, must be a bug