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Pick which port forwards to the website
chocolatejade42 (45)

If I have a TCP server running on port 7777 and a http server running on 8080, how can I force the repl's website to point to the http server instead of the TCP server, I've tried changing the port numbers and swapping the order the processes start in but all requests to the website just seem to forward to the tcp server

For context, the tcp server is a terraria server, which I'm forwarding using, but whenever the website receives a request, it forwards it to the terraria server anyway. This wouldn't be a problem, but this seems to fill up the terraria server's player slots with "connecting" players

OliverMakesCode (0)

Try changing the order that the ports are opened

TheForArkLD (772)

what do you want do?

chocolatejade42 (45)

@TheForArkLD I have two server processes running on my repl, I want to control which one is forwarded to the repl website at the domain

TheForArkLD (772)

@chocolatejade42 i am not good at server, but if i can help then invite me pls.