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Phaser.js Animation Issues.

Identical code should work.
If one piece of code should work, the other piece should work, because they're the same in function.
'Cept it doesn't always.
I don't even know what the problem actually is.

My sheet has 24 frames. 0-7 is the idle animation, 8-15 is the left animation, and 16-23 is the non-functional right animation.
You're gonna need to run it in a separate tab with the Inspect console open, because Replit just pulls a "Script Error" which doesn't tell you anything.
I only just started using Phaser (I have to use it for a school project), and I have no idea what the problem is.

The interesting thing is that I tried it with a variation with only 3 frames, and I had the same issue, with the right animation.

If you can help that'd be great, I'm racking my head trying to find out this problem and I'm getting nowhere.