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[Discussion] How to design a good file structure for website? (ExpressJs + Pub style)


I've been stuck in this problem quite frequent. I don't know how to make a good blueprint for my files structure. And when my project started to grow up. Things get out of my control, very badly. At the moment, my TouhouPrj repl, is about to run to the old problem.

At first, I only tend to build a listing page (like landing page, but more simple). After a while, I thought, why shouldn't I build a better one? I upgrade it with a page has special links that can returns server resource (specifically images). And now I want to make a new page that allow to display items' detail. With the current code of mine, I've already felt sick of it. Don't know why, may be how ugly it looks?

Could you guys advise me how to design a better file-system structure for project? Such as:

  • How to name directories, documents, scripts etc.
  • How to make good patterns for the name?
  • What kind of directory's structure I should use? (Also, what case do I need them)
  • How should I organize my code? (I don't really satisfy with my current one.)
  • So on...
3 years ago
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People are often confused about how to create a good file structure for their websites. They think that designing a good file structure for your website is the same as designing a good directory structure on your computer. But the fact is, they are two different things. One of my friends has suggested me try source to download vintage PPT templates. While creating a good directory structure is important for any webmaster, it's not enough to ensure that your site will work properly.

6 months ago