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Password for 'runner'

Basically, I want root permissions.

I am using the Ctrl + Shift + S bash shell. I want to install the following packages:
I get stuck at passwd to use su.
I want to install GNOME but I have the free plan with 512 MB RAM. Using LXQT instead.
These are the following packages that I need:


How can I get root on

Answered by SixBeeps (5331) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5331)

Root perms would be incredibly dangerous, so they're not allowed.


I'm not trying to sudo rm -r -f / but I'm trying to install a few apps. Maybe Hacker has it? Who knows? Also, how does your image printer work? @SixBeeps

SixBeeps (5331)

@GaneshaSharma Eh, it's still rather dangerous to just hand out root perms. I don't think hacker has it either, considering I had it for a month and I still couldn't sudo.

My image printer works by reading a bunch of color data in a string (hex codes in chunks of 6 characters) and plotting them to the screen. The newest rendition, however, takes advantage of the DRAW command, which takes in an array of colors instead.


I put a base 64 Creeper in there and it showed weird boxes. Anyway, I'm going to create a Linux Shell! @SixBeeps

programmeruser (615)

Try install-pkg <package>. I doubt the desktop environments will work since just uses Docker containers or something.


It works! @programmeruser

programmeruser (615)

@GaneshaSharma to be honest, there's nothing harmful that anyone can do with root access in the containers, since they're, well, containers, ...right?


The specs of
Ubuntu: 18.04, LTS?
Window Manager: fluxbox