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image show with python


Hi there,

Is there a way to use the show() methode of the PIL.Image class in a repl ?
For now it only shows me the message

 display-im6.q16: unable to open X server `' @ error/display.c/DisplayImageCommand/432.

The code beeing

from PIL import Image img ="pomme.jpg")

the image I use :

3 years ago
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Thank you for the answer. As I use Repl to teach python to 15 years old puiples, I don't want to add other libraries or use another platforme. Maybe later, when my students are more confident. For now, I use"output.jpg")
and I watch the result in the newly created file. The point is that it won't override the image if already created. So I'm looking for an easy way to deleat a file of the list.
Any suggestions ?

3 years ago