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PRINT Doesn’t work?
ConnorAdams (0)

While trying to code, I typed PRINT “HELLO WORLD” and an error appeared. Is there something wrong with the compiler? It works fine on all of my other compilers.

Geocube101 (628)

Using python 3, print was turned into a function.
Correct Code: print("HELLO WORLD")

Lilyqq (0)

Most likely, this is a glitch or a problem with your computer. Have you contacted the repair service? I just had something similar with the printer, but my mistake was that I didn't immediately get the repair service. I tried to deal with the problem on my own, as I thought it was a glitch. It was for nothing, as I finally broke it. At the repair shop, I was told that my printer had died. Since then, I have not bought a printer, and if I needed to print something, I turned to Don't make my mistakes. Then it will be a pity to throw away such an expensive thing.


At this moment you are coding in python 2.7. But if you are running a python 3 you will have to put brackets around it. does support python 2.7.