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duck132912 (210)

All of my websites that have are blocked! not on securly BUT ON GOOGLE CHROME FOR EVERYONE!!! I need help fixing this, and getting my projects. for some reason only my projects are working!

ch1ck3n (1599)

Nah google thinks those links are virus links, its not a virus

duck132912 (210)

@ch1ck3n yeah, but how do I allow users to go there

ch1ck3n (1599)

@duck132912 It's a bug in replit itself or google so you can't fix it you gotta ask amasad or whoever

SixBeeps (5052)

This has been happening to multiple users within the past few days. It's reasonable to assume the Replit Team is doing something about it, but from other Ask posts, it seems like either submitting your site to Google through one of their console things (I can't remember which) or time solves the problem.

MikeJMS8910 (106)

There is something called a light house report that you can run on your website to see what the problem is.

robowolf (435)

Well you can get past it by typing thisisunsafe into the browser I believe. There must be a common trend among you websites that resemble fishing. I would suggest looking into what makes a website dangerous. This could also have to do with the way repl sets things up.