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LilWolfy (59)

Hey everyone, it’s @LilWolfy here!

Since I am a beginner, I only did python. But now, that I got the hang of it, I want to try other languages of code! I need some help from all of the Replers out there!
If you got any other languages for noobs other than python, speak up!

Coder100 (18125)

Hi! Try C#, it's static and will give you a good overview of any other things you may want to do in the future. Also, try JS and HTML.

LilWolfy (59)

@Coder100 hm... that is a possibility... i will wait a day for more responses, but if there are the same answers, i will give you the 5 cycles thingy

LilWolfy (59)

@Coder100 ok, i tried the c# language, and it looks ok. thanks for the tip! I will give you your 5 cycles