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Opening repl browser with justpy

Hi everyone! Has somene got any idea of how to run a justpy application ( a web page) so that a user may see it ? In other words, how can somene see the repl webbrowser open? Would it be fine to just use webbrowser library to open and see the local repl browser? Thanks in advance!


@adityavengata, @xfinnbar and @wumi4, thank you all. Today the repl manage to load justpy library. I guess yesterday the repl server had a quirk. Unfortunately, even though I used the commands you had advised, I didn´t make it. I´ve just sent a message to "[email protected]". I hope they may enlighten me.


Thats super complex, just use webbot to trigger the browser:

If your justpy works fine, you can then open a new tab and connect to the localhost or any web page


The repl has not loaded justpy, even though I had typed pip install


@smfrederico Use the packages button on the sidebar. It looks like a cube.


I added these lines "'')", but to no avail :(


I don't know. Try typing firefox to the shell or something like that. Maybe it will trigger the GUI.