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Only index.html page is showing in window

Since yesterday, when I go to another page besides the index.html page and run the code, the index.html page still shows in the browsing window. It doesn’t display the new page that I want to see. Can someone please help me with this?
Thank you.


I will make a new post with just a simple program. I just created 2 simple pages and the same thing happens. I will call it test-3


Thank you for your reply.
When I click on the store link at top of index.html page it does take me to the store page and that is great. But when I run it again when I am on the store.html page for some reason it displays the index.html page again. It is very strange.


Here is what I see in store.html:

make sure you pressed the run button and make sure you have reloaded, and clicked on the store link.

This is the store link:


Wow, it seems to work when you run it but on my replit it is still not changing. Also now my older programs are stuck on the index.html page even if I go to a different page and hit the run button. Do you have any suggestions.
I appreciate your help, thanks so much.


Please go to store.html page and try refreshing it. It still displays the index.html page.
Please help.


Sorry I am new to replit and have put the wrong page on the question. I should have put the store.html page on. I will do that now. When I have the store.html page on it still shows the index.html page. I will post that now.


it's supposed to be like this